COVID-19 Reduction in Business Services

COVID-19 Crisis Business Changes

Owing to the COVID-19 crisis, we had a number of orders cancelled at short notice last week, which threatens the viability of the business.

In consultation with clients, we have considered how we best streamline the business and remove costs in order to ensure its longer-term survival.

We therefore are invoking ‘Force Majeure’ provisions to reduce business services to a sustainable level and making the following business changes with immediate effect:

Withdrawal of B2B Services

We will go ahead with the planned withdrawal of all B2B services, as previously advised. Services will cease at midnight on Tuesday 31st March and will not be reinstated. Outstanding orders from March will be fulfilled. B2B clients will be directed towards alternative providers.

Withdrawal of Mesh Maps API and Cloud Services

This will cease at midnight on Tuesday 31st March and will not be reinstated. Data delivered via APIs provided by 3rd party resellers are unaffected and Mesh Maps clients will be directed towards these services.


Owing to limited resources, telephone support will be unavailable and clients are asked to email support questions which will be answered withing 1 working day.

Database Updates

We will continue to collect and collate data from our regular data sources, although some of these may be delayed due to staff shortages at the data provider. All ETL tasks will continue to be run as scheduled, subject to the source data being available.

Data Product Delivery

Data products which have been previously committed will be delivered. However, due to issues with data suppliers, these may be delayed. We will inform affected clients.

Spatia AI Launch

This has been postponed until further notice.

New Projects

Owing to reduced resource availability, we will not be taking on any new projects at least until 1st July.

Thank you for your support. If you have any questions, please contact us via the contact form above.

John Murray

31st March 2020