Plans for Full Service Business Resumption

After careful consideration of the current situation regarding COVID-19 in the UK, Fusion Data Science is planning for a full resumption of business activities from 29th June 2020.

While we understand that our temporary suspension of many business activities resulted in issue for some clients, events showed that it was the right decision in order to cut costs and conserve cash to ensure the long term survival of the business.

Our resumption of business will be carefully managed, with some changes to the way we work:

  • No face to face meetings until further notice. All discussions will take place online.
  • There will be no site visits. If work is required on site, we will work with the client’s staff for them to undertake the work with remote guidance from ourselves.
  • Conference & seminar presentations will all be online.
  • Our staff & associates will continue to work at home and have been asked not to use public transport.
  • In handling goods received or shipped, our staff will ensure strict hygiene by washing hands and cleaning objects with alcohol wipes. We will only use reputable couriers with tracking services and all shipments will be in cardboard containers as these pose a much lower risk of transmission of infection than plastic.
  • Following client feedback, we will not be withdrawing B2B services and will continue to service clients.

We’d like to thank all clients for their support during this difficult time and we are pleased that we will be able to continue providing our innovative services for some time to come.

Watch out for some new product announcements in July.